Los Angeles needs regional partners to solve homelessness.

“A Bridge Home” temporary emergency housing site in South Los Angeles

In Southern California, homelessness and affordable housing are regional problems, but the Southern California region treats them like Los Angeles problems.

Even with all of the work that has been done and the progress that has been made, record numbers of unhoused people are dying every day on Los Angeles streets. Dangerous unhealthy conditions exist all over the city. So something significant has to change.

Los Angeles homelessness experts generally agree on four key facts: first, homelessness happens in every city in the region and people experiencing homelessness should be able to…

Kevin James (left) joins Mayor Pete Buttigieg (center) and Mayor Eric Garcetti (right) at LA rally. (Photo by Al Seib, Los Angeles Times)

LA Public Works President, Film Chief, and former Republican Mayoral candidate just did it — here’s why.

Turning 18 years old days before my freshman year of college in Norman, Oklahoma, and just two months after the first AIDS cases were discovered in 1981, I had no idea that my twenties would be consumed by worry, fear, stigma, anger, and the brutal early death of friends my age. Eighteen was not supposed to be middle age. For all I knew, I wouldn’t live to be 30.

People were afraid of us. Employers were afraid to hire us. Some family members…

Kevin James

President of City of Los Angeles Board of Public Works and Director of LA Mayor’s Office of Film & TV. Former entertainment litigator and Assistant US Attorney.

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